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Fernanda DiazFernanda Diaz, BS
Research and Evaluation Intern for HARC

Fernanda graduated from the University of California, Riverside in June 2021 with a bachelor’s in Biology. During Fernanda’s senior year, she began focusing on data analysis and how to use it in healthcare. She started by helping the Highlander Statistics Society in their COVID and Healthy Campus surveys. Fernanda helped with the Caldwell Data Project for her former Ecology professor by organizing data based on plant pollinator and herbivore interactions.

After graduation, Fernanda continued to improve her skills with data analysis applications. She is near completion with the Google Data Analytics Certificate course, which she uses health data to apply these skills.

Fernanda’s primary goal is to go into graduate school for Epidemiology or Biostatistics. Her main research focus is mental health and how to improve the state of mental healthcare.