food insecurity plus HARC's data plus Mizell's program equals food for the hungry

How data feeds the hungry

Data’s not sexy (to most people… nerds like me are the exceptions). HARC provides research and evaluation services, and I’ve yet to say that sentence and get a response like, “Oh my god, how amazing!” or “It must be so rewarding!”. No, most people’s eyes glaze over when they hear the word “data”.

But data really does do wonderful things. Not on it’s own—if you do a study, write a report, and stick it on a shelf somewhere, all you’ve really done is waste time and resources. If, however, you share that information with amazing people who take it and run with it, magic happens.

HARC Venn Diagram

The Three Ingredients of HARC

HARC is a soon-to-be-10-year-old nonprofit, and we’ve struggled with telling people what it is we actually do for all of those almost-10-years. We are getting better at it (thanks to trial and error and some awesome communications people), so I wanted to try to share with you what HARC really is (at least in my mind).

There’s three big pieces to “who we are”:
1. Health/Wellness
2. Data/Research
3. Community

HARC staff from left to right: Theresa Sama, Executive Assistant; Dr. Cassaundra (Casey) Leier, Director of Research; me aka Dr. Jenna LeComte-Hinely, Chief Executive Officer; and Ivy Torres, Research and Evaluation Associate.

A HARC Blog is Born

Welcome to the HARC blog! And, if you’re new to HARC, welcome to HARC! This is our first foray into blogging… so please be forgiving in any errors we may make, and share your feedback—we’d love to hear what you think.

First, let me introduce you to HARC: